After striking a lucrative deal for a fleet of Snowing 747 airliners, Santa no longer needed his poor reindeer. But where are they now?
Comet was ‘Employee of the Month’ a record four times at a leading electrical retailer, before tragically becoming redundant from his Team Leader position.

He hasn’t been himself since.
Cupid & Vixen are celebrating their fourth divorce. Together they have no children and eight lawyers.

Cupid is a hopeless romantic who flips burgers at Lapdonald’s. Vixen is a freelance styling consultant who spends her alimony at Prada.
“And twirl...” Dancer & Prancer have taken Eastern Europe by storm with their revolutionary ‘Figure Skating Fitness’ routine.

Nine people have been injured.
Since bankrupting his running shoe business, Dasher has been arrested for shoplifting seven times, and has eleven points on his licence.
Donner can bench 120kg, but is battling an ongoing addiction to Turkish food.

Blitzen is keynote speaker at Alcoholics Anonymous. He once danced so hard that he lost control of his lower body for two days.
They used to laugh and call him names, but now Rudolph is playing all the reindeer games.

His debut self-help guide ‘Find Your Red Nose’ has hit bestseller lists across the globe. He is currently working with Stevenison Vealberg on a movie adaption.