WildKat PR calendar

Website design & development

30th January 2013

We was asked by WildKat PR to solve the issue of how to manage their calendar of events in a more visual and user-friendly way. The current problem was with meetings, engagements etc. their normal calendar was too clogged and never fed back how long remains until a certain date. The solution was an extension of the current WordPress system that now allows them to add events as custom posts – by adding the Client, Event and date the page calculates how many days are remaining and then colour codes them accordingly. The colour coding allows for easy recognition of how long remains and the importance of the event timeline. Each event can be tagged with users so that any one can view post for; themselves only, the whole team or another member – meaning complete transparency and connection between everyone.

The page is built using HTML5, CSS3, JQuery and doesn’t contain a single image. Once logged in users can also add posts directly from within the page meaning not having to visit the WordPress admin which makes a much slicker and more efficient way to work.