Website design

Intellibox is a self service machine that Upstream has created. They approached us to design and develop both the user experience and the user interface for the test models that will be placed in mobile phone shops globally. They needed the system from the outset to entice engagement of the customers with a screen/machine that would not normally be found in shops but usually have a strong emphasis on physical customer service.

The device scans your phone to check you current make, model and price plan. It then suggested the best options based on your usage and how much you currently spend and use. The whole process needed to be very trustworthy as you have to hand over your phone to a foreign device whilst also remaining stylish and simple. The interface needed to have these qualities but stay neutral so it can be white labelled for multiple providers.

The final outcome was a touch screen user interface that uses gestures such as swipe and pinch to make the experience as natural and familiar as the phone they are using – the front end uses javascript animation to make best use of screen space and to also keep the process quick and enjoyable. We were given short deadlines in order to get the boxes into the shop. Developing the experience and style meant the management needed to be very fluid to allow for changes, additions and improvements as we went along.