Time for tea


24th October 2012

There has been a lot of press recently about thermal printers and after seeing a great blog about the possibilities of these printers to make the internet more physical we decided the studio needed one.

So the first thing we got it printing was our tweets by querying the Twitter API anything containing our username gets printed out within seconds. The next things was the most important thing that any London office needs and that is a “Tea brewer generator” so we set about making a simple app that lets anyone in the studio randomly select whose turn it is to make tea. So with the push of a button on our tea randomiser website it sends a message to our printer which prints who the lucky brewer will be… great huh.

We also have it connected up to a dropbox folder that lets it print out any new text files added to a folder. This is just the beginning so come back soon to see what else we are doing with out nifty little printer.

For more information on making you own mini thermal printer please follow the links below:
Go Free Range

Go Free Range Thermal printer interface