The IdeaSafe website

Website design & development

11th March 2013

We have created the website for a very exciting new app for protecting your Intellectual Property, this makes legally protecting ideas available to all. The brief was to create and develop a site and experience that fits with the creative sector it is aimed at, making things simple and pain free to protect any great idea. The introduction video was illustrated and animated by Sane & Able to make things instantly obvious what the service offers and why you should use it.

The IdeaSafe is a new way to protect your creativity and deter idea theft. We can keep your work safe and provide independent verification of your rights, giving you peace of mind.

The need to protect ideas is more crucial than ever. The traditional method of posting an unopened letter to yourself to protect your intellectual property is, contrary to popular belief, not legally binding. In the UK alone, last year £9.2b was lost to intellectual property theft – the victims? Creative individuals who can’t afford traditional intellectual property protection.

The IdeaSafe is here to change that. It offers an affordable, legally endorsed option to protect an idea. It’s easy to use – simply upload an idea to the IdeaSafe and, once it’s safely locked away, you can share it with someone else, such as a business partner, prospective client or friend. The IdeaSafe records whom it’s been shown to, making sure that you can share your idea securely. Access to the safe is available 24 hours a day, with unlimited viewing of documents.