Publishing Across Genres


06th September 2013

This event offers an incredibly broad insight into the role of publishing as well as advice on self-publishing. Halban Publishers will highlight the process for book publishing and its importance, whilst our two music speakers will be able to shed light on music publishing, with a contemporary perspective from Mute Song and a more classical view from Boosey & Hawkes. All of our speakers will be shedding light on their contrasting journeys into publishing, from their experience to the process of artists or authors being published. This will be followed by a Q&A session where all burning questions can be answered by these masters of their trade!

Noted’s event series, particularly the industry talks, will expand awareness of important topics within a variety of media and outlets as well as creating a network of passionate and informed professionals. All events are free with a request for a donation to a range of charities chosen by our invited speakers. Sign up here for this unique event and the opportunity to learn all you can about publishing on Wednesday 11th September! Doors open at 6.30pm, for a 7pm start.

Publishing Across Genres