Christmas cards

Print design

“On the 12th day of Christmas my true love grew for me….”

This Christmas Sane & Able wanted to create something new instead of the usual ‘12 days of Christmas’ with all its gold rings and partridges in pear trees, so instead we create a collection of fun Christmas cards that took a more stylish twist on the theme – hence the ‘12 Beards of Christmas’ was born, well grown to be precise.

The set consists of twelve individual cards divided over two 6 packs, each with its own Christmas colour scheme. There are twelve original beard designs to send or collect for a variety of growth and trimming skill levels from the beard connoisseur to the first time grower.

  1. Red pack:
  2. The Pretzel
  3. The Inversion
  4. The Smuggler
  5. The Shredder
  6. The Monocle
  7. The Brace
  1. Blue pack:
  2. The Schnauzer
  3. The Shoeshiner
  4. The Eclipse
  5. The Pothole
  6. The Scarf
  7. The Dreamer

How to buy:

  • You can order NOW from our online shop.
  • The card packs will be on-sale in a selection of your favourite independent shops in London from today, check the “Beards website” for full list of stockists.

For more beard related shenanigans such as downloadable facebook beards, head over to 12 Beards of Christmas website »