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30th March 2020

Internationally respected for combining the latest advances in rejuvenating medical procedures with his own uniquely subtle and artistic touch, German-born Dr Michael Prager, affectionately described as the ‘Karl Lagerfeld of injectables’, graduated 1995 in Tuebingen and spent 5 years undergoing Cardio-Vascular Research in Cape Town.

Practicing privately since 2001, Prager was an early advocate of the natural-looking, whole face Botulinum Toxin and Hyaluronic Acid dermal filler treatments and his London-based clinics, the home of Prager Skincare, have attracted a global following

Dr Prager has garnered the attention of many leading journalists and is widely respected for his individuality and pioneering approach. He has regularly featured in the media, including: the BBC, Channel 4 and publications such as the Daily Telegraph, the Times and Tatler.