Onward Display

Website design & development

17th February 2011

After a feature in Design Week a few weeks ago you must be eager to see the full Onward Display website!  The wait is over as it’s now live, so why not give it a visit to see what all the fuss is about?

We wanted to create a site that encapsulates the essence of what Onward Display can do and how they can completely change the interior and exterior of a space using print, vinyl, bespoke structures and anything else they can get away with – check out their Soho showroom which now incorporates a garden shed.

The website is based around a simple room of which you can see two walls, the floor and a window. Each page of the website uses the same base room but completely changes how it is decorated and used, from a forest to a flooded oasis. The concept is to show that no matter what your space, with the right imagination and skills it can become a great advertisement for your business.