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16th August 2013

Milltag began in 2010 when two London graphic designers with a shared passion for life in the saddle, were unable to find a cycling jersey that was either plastered with sponsors’ logos or simply indistinct from other generic cycle wear. Ed and Pete’s mission became clear: to produce high quality, technical cycle-wear that are pieces of art for people like them. A garment whose performance can be relied upon, but that a cyclist would be proud to pull on and guarantee that they will ‘stand out from the peloton’.

To achieve this goal, they begin creating their own designs and collaborating with artists and designers from all over the world who shared their aim to revolutionize the cycle jersey industry.

We have worked with Milltag on creating a new front and backend for their cycle brand, it needed to retain some the simplicity and style of the original site but put more emphasis on the products and also on the brands aesthetically approach to everything. The shop needed to be made key to everyone visiting the site, but without being to sale’s orientated as Milltag is a lifestyle brand more than a shopfront.

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