Guess the composer

Print design

23rd December 2010

This years WildKat PR wanted to create a classical music Christmas campaign that was a little more fun and intriguing for their clients and contacts, so we designed the “Guess the Composer at Christmas” series.

The set is made up of 12 individual rebus word plays on famous classical composers’ names, the witty and challenging cards were sent out to clients and also released daily on the press and promotions company blog for anyone to guess.

Some are more obvious to guess due to composer being more famous but each composers name has been broken down into it’s simplest pictorial form. The series may be made into a poster campaign at a later date.

(Answers: 1. Bach, 2. Barber, 3. Beethoven, 4. Brahms, 5. Britten, 6. Chopin, 7. Faure, 8. Handel, 9. Rachmaninoff, 10. Schumann, 11. Tchaikovsky, 12. Vivaldi.)