Founders Forum

Website Development

08th June 2020

Founders Forum started in 2005 with a simple thought in mind – to create the perfect environment for collaboration. The community was established as a response to the lack of credible, peer-to-peer European entrepreneur networks to rival those that existed in Silicon Valley.

The community was first convened to share ideas and forge new collaborations, through a 50-person event in London, where founders came together with investors, corporate and government leaders, to discuss the future of industries, new technologies and business models.

Today, Founders Forum meets annually in London each June, assembling the world’s top entrepreneurs and leaders for exactly the same purpose – to create the perfect environment for collaboration.

Founders Forum has a global footprint, hosting two flagship forums annually, and a number of international events from Los Angeles to Rio de Janeiro, Tel Aviv to Mumbai, and Paris to Hong Kong.

We worked closely with Likely Heroes to develop their slick designs into website that matched the clients needs and the audiences expectations.

Founders Forum