Creative Swap


17th July 2012

“Creativity involves breaking out of established patterns in order to look at things in a different way.” Edward de Bono

Sane & Able launches Creative Swap, an exciting week-long chance to swap staff, ideas, knowledge and creativity.

The creative process thrives on having new experiences, and being open to new ways of thinking. For one week in September 2012, Creative Swap aims to facilitate this process, by offering creative companies from across the UK a chance to exchange talented individuals. No matter what creative profession – designer, architect, illustrator – Creative Swap will help to detach individuals from the safety of their regular environment and swap them into a fresh, creative one that will help foster new relationships, new thinking, and most importantly, new ideas.

People work for the same companies for years and they get used to ways of solving problems a certain way as well as applying the same processes, therefore idea development can become limited and somewhat stale. Creative Swap gives companies and individuals the chance to learn fresh approaches and build new networks.

Creative Swap is an exciting new programme, which offers an easy way to learn and share skills, processes, creativity and knowledge. Companies will enjoy the injection of fresh thinking, while individuals will gain inspiration and a renewed vitality for their work.