Christmas cards

Print design

03rd December 2010

“On the 12th day of Christmas my true love grew for me….”

This Christmas Sane & Able wanted to create something new instead of the usual ‘12 days of Christmas’ with all its gold rings and partridges in pear trees, so instead we create a collection of fun Christmas cards that took a more stylish twist on the theme – hence the ‘12 Beards of Christmas’ was born, well grown to be precise.

The set consists of twelve individual cards divided over two 6 packs, each with its own Christmas colour scheme. There are twelve original beard designs to send or collect for a variety of growth and trimming skill levels from the beard connoisseur to the first time grower.

  1. Red pack:
  2. The Pretzel
  3. The Inversion
  4. The Smuggler
  5. The Shredder
  6. The Monocle
  7. The Brace
  1. Blue pack:
  2. The Schnauzer
  3. The Shoeshiner
  4. The Eclipse
  5. The Pothole
  6. The Scarf
  7. The Dreamer

How to buy:

  • You can order NOW from our online shop. (Closed)
  • The card packs will be on-sale in a selection of your favourite independent shops in London from today, check the “Beards website” for full list of stockists.